A Test of Enlightenment.

Nowadays it is important to whom you are gonna believe in. In this very confusing world we tend to look for answers in life. There are people who have ready answers, but not everyone has the purest intention. And if it is pure it is not necessarily wise.

So how do you test how enlightened a person is? Before we start trusting them.

With all my searching and reading. I like Buddhism most of all but not all teachers practice the same way. So a constant study, testing and self-examination is important.

In Japanese Zen they have koans that puts your mind into a state of “no mind” or “beginners mind” or “empty mind”. I think this is the original state  before thought even arises or when duality and concepts breaks down.

Truth is I find it difficult achieving this in a conscious state, even in meditation. Maybe when I’m in a dreamless sleep or when I’m dead, then I will have no thoughts. Maybe when I don’t try to be anything, then that’s when I get it. Letting the thoughts come and go. Just watching them and not attaching to it. Maybe that’s it.

Buddhism is a very hard subject to understand, probably this is why it is taught in  so many ways in every place and culture. In order for it to survive, the way it is taught should adapt to this modern times  while retaining its fundamental teaching.